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Turkey Trademark Regıstratıon Costs and Procedures (2018)


The legal basis of Turkey trademark is the Trademark Decree Law, on Industrial Property. Turkey is a member of the Paris Convention and the Madrid Protocol. Turkey adopts first-to-file basis for trademark protection. A trademark registration is valid for 10 years from the date of application and could be renewed for 10 years before the expiry date.


Turkey Trademark Registration Fees

Fees (USD)
Step 1: Pre-filing Search
Basic Search (word) FREE
Each additional class (word) FREE
Pro search (Extensive Study
List of similar and identical trademarks,
Analysis of similar trademarks,
Probability of registration,
Detailed registrability report,
Our recommendations)
(1) Pre-filing search is not compulsory in Turkey.
(2) Pre-filing search is limited to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TURKPATENT)’s database only.
(3) Pre-filing search report is delivered in 1 working days by email.
Step 2: Trademark Registration Request
Single class 500
Each additional class 150
(1) Fees cover both our service fees and official filing fees.
Step 3: Final Registration/Certificate
Each application 450

Registration mark in Turkey

(1) The fixed fees quoted above apply only to trademark applications which are unopposed and proceed without complication.
(2) All fees quoted above do not include delivery fees.

Calculation of Registration Costs

Example 1: One mark one class
If you want to have your trademark “ABC” registered in Class 25 (clothing, footwear, headgear), that is, one mark one class, the total fees for trademark pre-filing search, registration request and certificate are:

Pre-filing search: FREE
Request for registration: USD 500
Final registration/Certificate: USD 450

Example 2: One mark two classes
If you want to have your trademark “ABC” registered in Class 25 (clothing, footwear, headgear) and Class 26 (lace and embroidery, ribbons and braid; buttons, hooks and eyes, pins and needles; artificial flowers), that is, one mark two classes, the total fees for trademark pre-filing search, registration request and certificate are:

Pre-filing search: FREE
Request for registration: 500 + 150 = USD 650
Final registration/Certificate: USD 450
TOTAL: USD 1.100

The costs illustrated in the examples above are based on the assumption of a smooth application for word mark(s), that is, no objection being raised by the TURKPATENT or any other third party.

Materials Required for Filing of Trademark Application in Turkey

(1) A scanned copy of the Power of Attorney (to be provided by ASAMA Company) simply signed by the applicant.
(2) A duly completed trademark search/registration order form (to be provided by ASAMA Company).
(3) A soft copy of the trademark in JPEG format.
(4) A copy of identity proof of the applicant (passport for individuals and Business Registration Certificate/Certificate of Incorporation for companies).
(5) A priority document when priority is claimed (extra charge will be charged for filing priority claim documents).

Turkey Trademark Application Procedures

(1) ASAMA Company acknowledges the information including the specimens of mark, its goods/services and registration details, then provides the latest quotation, preliminary advice and classifies your goods/services;
(2) After the quotation has been confirmed, client will be required to complete our Trademark Search/ Registration Order Form and send it back to ASAMA Company by email, fax or post;
(3)Client could refer to our analysis and suggestion in the search report and decide whether to file the application.ASAMA Company will file trademark application to the TURKPATENT upon receipt of your payment and instruction;
(4)The TURKPATENT will conduct a search of the trademarks records to see if the same or similar trademark has already been registered or been applied for by another trader in the same or similar class. They will also see if the trademark satisfies the registration requirements laid down in the Trademark Decree Law. If the requirements for registration are not met, the Examiner will object to the mark;
(5) Once your trademark has been accepted for registration, it will be published on the monthly Official Trademark Bulletin;
(6)If no objection by a third party, a registration certificate will be issued by the TURKPATENT.
(7)We will review and send the certificate to you.

Time scale

8 months in average

Trademark Law

ASAMA lawyers, located in the Turkey Republic region, practice exclusively in intellectual property law. Our trademark attorneys have many years of combined legal experience in helping businesses acquire, protect and enforce trademarks.


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com.tr domain

Domain Names in Turkey

Documents required for “.com.tr”

For the applications made by the legal entities and organisations; the official documents required must certify that the domain name you apply for is your registered trademark or corporate name. One official document that appropriate for the application, which may be “Commercial Registration Certificate”, “Trademark Registration Certificate” etc., is sufficient to register a “.tr” domain.

Furthermore, foreign applicants are to prove business activity in Turkey or have a business relation with a company that is domiciled in Turkey and provide supporting official documents such as franchising agreement, distribution agreement, invoice, custom papers etc.
For any other situation apart from foregoing, you are required to perform your online application and then submit your document(s). You will be informed immediately after your application and document(s) are evaluated.

Turkish trademark protection

Protecting Your Brand

Protecting your brand is not just a slogan. It is the only way your intellectual property has any value. There is no point in obtaining registrations and putting them in a file if they can not be used to protect your trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and patents from others who might try to infringe on your rights.

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We believe in securing well-fortified, cost optimised IPR for our clients and strive ceaselessly towards that end. Our approach is three fold.

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